Feedback from partners and participants of a one-day Horizon 2020 virtual workshop:

"It was indeed a team effort but the preparations of the Syreon team turned it into a great success."

" I would like to thank all involved and the Syreon team in particular for a prefect preparation and organisation"

"Great workshop, well done everyone, and kudos to the Syreon team!"

"Yeah round of applause for Syreon for sure! This all went very smooth thanks to the work that was put in organizing!"

"As a final concluding remarks, we received overwhelmingly positive experiences about the workshop and how it was structured and organised. Well done to everyone for this and especially to the Syreon team for the amazing job to pull this through!"

Associate Director of international company: 
"Thank you for the terrific draft epidemiology report! I have been reading the literature for quite some time now, and I found the draft report illuminating and informative. It reads well and provides useful epi data, summarized in a clear and succinct manner."

Head of Oncology Policy and Market Access of multinational pharmaceutical company:
"A big thank you for giving the MEA seminar in our country. The content you covered was very much on point, relevant for our market, and clearly resonated with the audience"

Director of Health Economics and Outcomes Research of multinational pharmaceutical company:
"Great job Syreon! This poster really came together nicely and reviews some very important information."

Professor Emeritus, US Medical Univesity:
"This is a fabulous paper, beautifully constructed, and a wonderfully invaluable guide for future researchers. A little masterpiece of concision. Great job."

Director of Health Economics and Outcomes Research of multinational pharmaceutical company:
"I can’t recall if I thanked you for this quick turnaround and the information! It was extremely helpful!!

Communication director of international consulting company:
"I would like to personally thank you for your time and contribution to the Task Force meeting. It was a pleasure to meet with you and the discussions during the meeting have provided valuable insight and feedback which we will incorporate into the development and communication of the HEOR model."

CEO of international consulting company:
"Thank you for your very professional planning and warm hospitality for our visit to Hungary. This visit could not have been so beneficial without your help."

Global head of oncology portfolio of multinational pharmaceutical company:
"Thank you for your contribution at the training! I think we have learned a lot and gained important and extremely useful insight into our HTA strategy and model resources, which can be utilized for professional and successful market entrance."

Health Services Research Coordinator of international company:
"I, with several members of the delegations that visited you in Hungary want to express our thanks and congratulations for a very successful program. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive and it is due to your great attention."

Vice President of multinational pharmaceutical company:
"My deepest thank you to you and Syreon for delivering this ad hoc work on time and so well done. You don't know how much I appreciate having you as a resource to rely on."
"I want to express my gratitude to you and for making available to me a terrific team who are willing to assist me in a time of need. Implicit in that statement is my immense thanks."

Ministry of Health, Central Administration for Pharmaceutical Affairs, in a Middle East Country
"Yesterday we had our graduation ceremony for the H.E diploma. It was very touching you remembered us and it made us all happy. We have learned something new and we are all thankful for your efforts that made this possible."

Global international health organization
"Thank YOU very much for you excellent support."


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