Company name

The name ‘Syreon’ goes back to the early 1990s, when Professor Paul Keown founded the company ‘Synectics’ at the campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. The name Syreon is an acronym: SYnectics REsearch ONline. The word synectics comes from the Greek language, and means "the joining together of different and apparently irrelevant elements", and a problem solving methodology, where professionals from different fields supply each other with new ideas, integrating creativity with a rationally-based, solution-oriented way of thinking.

The inventor of the method was George M. Prince and William J.J. Gordon, who analyzed the results and experiences again and again from thousands of meetings, which they tape-recorded, to find out how observed groups managed to get through barriers and crossroads to commitments in mutual solutions. The original mission of the company was to support innovative ideas and technologies of UBC and other academic centers to support services including clinical trial designs and management, biostatistics etc. Synectics started to grow rapidly and by 2000 it became an elite partner of multinational companies.

Later, the name Synetics was changed to SYREON (SYnectics REsearch ONline) to highlight the complete electronic online research solution of Syreon Corporation (Clinstream™) which enables the seamless integration of clinical, laboratory, health outcomes and economic data for comprehensive clinical evaluation of treatment effectiveness and value. Syreon Research Institute decided to adapt this name due to shared principles and aims, including the support of innovative ideas and technologies of academic centers, public institutions and multinational companies.


Syreon Research Institute: 1142 Budapest, Mexikoi str. 65/A.