Real world data analysis based on the national health insurance claims database

In partnership with RxTarget

RxTarget Data Analysis and Statistics Ltd. ( has been conducting database research since July 1, 2010 using NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary ) receipt, GP, as well as the outpatient and inpatient specialist care database.

Its partners include domestic pharmaceutical companies as well as the domestic subsidiaries of international multinational pharmaceutical companies and, in recent times, has established a close co-operation with Hungarian medical associations (eg. the Hungarian Diabetes Association) and national institutes (eg. National Korányi Institute of TBC and Pulmonology). Their main areas of research include oncology, diabetology, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory autoimmune conditions and cardiovascular diseases, but they also have great expertise in other therapeutic areas.

Main types of analysis:

  • epidemiology
  • assessment of concomitant illness
  • examination of patient pathways
  • survival analysis (OS, PFS)
  • cost analysis
  • drug switch analysis
  • drug persistence analysis
  • drug compliance and dose analysis, etc.



Syreon Research Institute: 1142 Budapest, Mexikoi str. 65/A.