Health policy research

Our policy research team is experienced in collecting policy information from various scientific and grey literature, policy surveys and structured stakeholder interviews. We have capacities to consolidate, analyze and synthesize qualitative and semi-quantitative information for international studies covering multiple countries. Our policy experts have an in-depth knowledge on methodology research related to HTA implementation by developing an HTA roadmap tailored to countries even with limited available resources. We also conduct studies to evaluate the impact of pricing and reimbursement policies on patient access. Patient empowerment is a new and increasingly important area in healthcare decision-making both at a macro level in HTA, for guideline development or involvement in reimbursement decisions, and at a patient level through individual involvement in treatment choices. We also have expertise in facilitating decision-making between conflicting and difficult-to-measure criteria. We understand and carefully consider the economic status of countries in order to offer targeted policy recommendations. Syreon Research Institute offers:

  • Pharmaceutical policy research
  • Methodological research on pharmaceutical pricing policies
  • Multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA)
  • Policy surveys and stakeholder interviews
  • Policy mapping on pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement
  • Health policy trainings


Syreon Research Institute: 1142 Budapest, Mexikoi str. 65/A.