Strategic partnership

Syreon Research Romania

Syreon Research Romania (SRR) was established in 2013.

The activity of the company in Romania is led by Dr. László Lorenzovici and is supported by a team of multidisciplinary specialists with extensive knowledge on the healthcare sector in Romania and other Central and Eastern European countries.

SRR carries out and coordinates a wide range of health economic analyses for acute and chronic diseases. Resource use is being monitored and data is collected from patients and healthcare providers as well as from analysts and consultants, in order to elaborate detailed and unique cost vectors for various disease indications. Also medical outcomes are collected to measure the burden of disease, treatment consequences and cost-effectiveness of interventions.

SRR scientists have long standing experience with the hospital and pharmaceutical industry, especially concerning developing and maintaining administrative health care databases.


Syreon Middle East

Syreon Middle East (SME) was established in 2017.

The company located in Egypt is intended to provide expert services in the fields of health economics, market access, strategic pricing and corporate training for the pharmaceutical and health services sector to the Middle East region. Syreon Middle East was established in partnership with local experience to offer the best of both worlds, bringing the highest quality scientific research combined with local expert knowledge.

SME team has a long standing experience in the pharmaceutical market in the Middle East.


Syreon Research Institute: 1142 Budapest, Mexikoi str. 65/A.