Syreon Research Institute (SRI) aims to apply scientific evidence and health economic knowledge in practice to maximise health gain for the society. SRI is a value-committed and independent stakeholder of the global health economic society with special expertise in emerging markets, including Central Eastern European countries.

SRI personnel are authentic professionals, led by internationally recognised academic experts. Our researchers are highly committed to implement evidence-based decision- making, to improve the efficiency of healthcare financing and to optimize the allocation of scarce resources for research and development and healthcare delivery. SRI is involved in the design and conduct of global and regional research programmes through strategic partnerships with elite industrial and academic institutes.

The main goal of SRI is to facilitate the development of health economics and health policy research and to implement the best available scientific knowledge into R&D and healthcare decisions both in mainstream as well as ‘neglected’ therapeutic areas. Besides supporting the objectives of public health, an important part of our mission is the development of health economic methodology.


Syreon Research Institute: 1142 Budapest, Mexikoi str. 65/A.

E-mail: info@syreon.eu