Syreon Research Institute has extensive expertise in health economics, through its experienced staff based both in Europe through the Syreon Research Institute under the direction of Zoltan Kalo PhD and in Vancouver under the direction of Dr. Paul Keown MD, DSc.

Both are experts in the field of clinical research and health burden/economic analysis and have published widely in the area. The health economics group is supported by a biostatistical department with significant experience in the analysis of healthcare resource utilization data, as well as data management and is made up of project management teams with a full understanding of the challenges of collecting both prospective and retrospective resource utilization data.

A big thank you for giving the MEA seminar in our country. The content you covered was very much on point, relevant for our market, and clearly resonated with the audience

Head of Oncology Policy and Market Access of multinational pharmaceutical company

Great job Syreon! This poster really came together nicely and reviews some very important information.

Director of Health Economics and Outcomes Research of multinational pharmaceutical company

This is a fabulous paper, beautifully constructed, and a wonderfully invaluable guide for future researchers. A little masterpiece of concision. Great job.

Professor Emeritus, US Medical Univesity


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